Ditch the rental car lot. We bring the car to you.

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How It Works


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Never stand in line at a rental car counter again.

Grippy Saves You Time and Hassle by Reinventing Car Rental

Whether At Exchange Place In Jersey City, the airport in Detroit, Or DTLA

Skip the Car Rental Counter and Lot

The car rental experience is stuck in the past. Renters waste valuable time picking up and dropping off cars, sitting in rental car shuttles, and standing in long lines at the counter. Grippy replaces all of that with a new 2-step process. Tell Grippy where you want the car and we deliver the car to you, wherever you are.

Park The Car Anywhere When You’re Done

No more trips to the rental car return lot when using Grippy. Tell us where you parked the rental car and Grippy will do the rest. Don’t waste time driving to out of the way rental car lots, waiting on rental car shuttles, and rushing to catch flights ever again.

No Up-Selling At The Rental Counter, Or Rude Staff

We all have stories of hour long lines and high pressure counter staff trying to scare you into buying additional coverages, fuel, or a $17 a day GPS (seriously!). Renting a car should be an enjoyable experience. The worst part of renting a car often happens right there at the start. Grippy eliminates long lines and commission-driven counter agents. Grippy eliminates the rental car counter completely!

How Grippy Works

Create a profile in the Grippy Car Rental App

Create an account with Grippy by entering your drivers license information, and uploading some other documents for us to verify your identity.

Reserve a car to rent through the Grippy app

Grippy allows you to rent a car without the rental car counter. Reserve a car to rent by searching for cars available at your pickup location on specified dates. When you find the car you want, enter your payment details to confirm the reservation.

Rental Car Pickup

Using Grippy, you never have to go to a rental car lot. On the day and time of your reservation, your rental car will be waiting at the location that you specified in your reservation. The app will notify you exactly where to find the car. To start your reservation, unlock the car using the Grippy app and drive.

Rental Car Return

Grippy eliminates the rental car return lot. On the day that your reservation ends, park your car in the return location designated in the reservation. Take photos of the car and upload as directed in the Grippy app. End the reservation in the app when the checklist has been completed. Grippy will take it from there.

For instructions on downloading and using the app, follow this link.

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